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Nu Culture Music is a Digital Marketing Agency with a collective of brands in various genres. With a global network across the brands, our mission is to support up and coming artists, DJ’s, sing-songwriters and take them to new heights. 

Through our various social media outlets, we give up and coming talents the platform they need in order to gain more exposure and listeners. From Soundcloud to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, Nu Culture Music has more than 400 000 devoted followers world wide, including record labels, music blogs and management companies. We can guarantee that your music will instantly receive the recognition and attention it deserves.

The next step

-Begin with choosing the right music genre/brand which your music suits to (if your music is in a sub-genre and not entirely 100% in any of the genres below, choose the brand that’s the closest to your style). 

-Next, fill out the contact form and give us the correct information we need to proceed with reviewing your track and share it. 

-Once you’ve submitted your track, we will begin with reviewing the track and If your track suits our page(s), we will go through with scheduling it for the right platforms at the earliest spot available (email communication). With thousands of listeners each week, this is a highly coveted opportunity to manifest your publicity, and increase your following. Depending on the quality of your track, i.e. your experience as a producer, you may also be featured in our music blog on the website (coming soon)!

NOTE: If your track contains copyrighted music, we will not post the track on all of our platforms.

Although we receive a lot of submissions, we try to answer as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide you with the essential resources that help you as emerging talent. Only serious inquiries will be reviewed. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Choose Your Genre

Click on the correct genre/brand where you would like to submit your music to. Keep in mind that we have different teams reviewing different genres, so make sure to choose the correct one. If your track doesn’t entirely suit any of the brands below, choose the closest one (e.g. sub-genres like Trap, Techno etc, then choose “Nu EDM” or if it’s sing-songwriting then choose “Alternative On Wheels”).

Before submitting your track, make sure to read our Terms for submitting!

NOTE: All genres use the same Youtube channel but have their own social media pages outside of Youtube. If you’re submitting specifically for Youtube, make sure to still choose the right brand so the correct team can review your track.

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DeepTropicalHouse – Deep, Tropical, Melodic, Summer House.

Nu School – HipHop, Rap and RnB.

Nu EDM – All styles and sub-genres to EDM.

Alternative On Wheels – Alternative, Indierock/pop, Sing-songwriter, Accustic.



Alternative On Wheels

Nu School

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