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Nu Culture Music is a Digital Marketing Agency with a collective of brands in various genres. The story began back in September 2014 when DeepTropicalHouse Instagram was created to share music we love and connect with people with the same passion. Throughout the years, Nu Culture Music has grown to a multi-platform network with more than 400 000 followers where our mission is to find and support up and coming artists to a broader audience around the world. 


Below you will find information about how and where you can get in touch with us regarding anything from promotion to all types of business inquiries. Due to us being a small team with lots of traffic/inquiries, it might take a couple of days to get back to you. To make it easier we have created this easy guide down below to guide you which link, page and/or contact form to use to reach us.

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Promotion – We receive a lot of submission of tracks on a daily basis and have therefore decided to only listen to submissions sent through this link. Note that we will NOT listen to any tracks/submissions sent through our other contact forms. We know, we know… many of you artists and/or managers really want to get your music out there, but spamming and using wrong contact information on purpose will not increase your chances of getting your music heard. Most likely the opposite, your emails/contact information will be added to our (as well as other people’s) spam folders. You’re welcome for the free advice! ; )

To submit your music, please follow this link.

Design – If you’re a designer, photographer, animator etc. make sure to send us your work through this link. We love working with other creators outside of music production as well and are open for collaboration/partnerships. We’re looking forward to hear from you as well!

Business – For any other business inquiries, copyright infringement, collaborations or general questions to our support team, please contact us through this link and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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