Terms For Submitting Your Track




By submitting your track, you agree to:

1. Nu Culture Music does not guarantee that your track will be featured/uploaded on their various social media platforms and/or official website, only once it’s been approved.

2. Giving Nu Culture Music copyrights to use your track (uploads on social media platforms and the Nu Culture Music website). You are aware that you can not submit a track unless you have all the rights to the tracks (vocals, samples etc).

3. You are aware of your email being added to various email lists linked to the Nu Culture Music network.

4. Nu Culture Music does not guarantee any specific numbers of listeners/plays/streams/engagement.

5. By approving monetization Nu Culture Music has the right to monetize your videos on various platforms and/or use your song in commercial use.

Thank you for submitting your track, we will listen to the tracks as soon as possible. For any business enquiries please click here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

// Nu Culture Music Team

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